About Us

Howdy Folks! Tom Gallagher here. I am a business owner that sells dolls and miniature figures in local downtown. We have different and almost all kinds of dolls you are looking for. Visit our store and we can guarantee you the best quality of figurines and dolls that we have. So if you are looking for the best gift or souvenirs to give to your family, friends or love ones, you need to check our products and you will surely be amazed.

A little about myself and how I start. As you know already my name is Tom Gallagher, a business man and a father of two and a husband to one. We live in local downtown in UK but my parents are from London. I grew up as a very ambitious man with a goal in life. My family is not into the business industry, in fact I am the first member who ventures the business world. My father is a chef in a famous restaurant and my mother is working as a crew attendant.

I do have a degree in business which I am proud of and help me a lot in my store. The secret of my success is being able to take risk and learning from mistakes. I not afraid to make decisions outright and that is what makes a great businessman differs from good businessman.

My love for business grew when I am in highschool as we have lots of school activities that requires us to sell foods, burgers, juice to stations and use the earned money for some festival activities or charity events. I feel like it was my calling and I am really happy and never regretted that I go into business.

For choosing the doll business, well as a kid I really like mini figurines, rag dolls, and action figures. That is what came up as an idea to pursue a business under that industry as I learned from my mentors that in order for your business to be successful, you must do what you love first.