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Looking for Affordable Double Rooms to Rent in London?

Looking for Affordable Double Rooms to Rent in London?

If you are in London for a short stay on a budget, renting double rooms is a very sensible option.  However, double rooms to rent do now come easily as they are readily grabbed up as soon as they appear on the market. Finding affordable double rooms is even harder.  With a few good tips, your search for double rooms to rent can be less troublesome.

Know your area

London is a big city with differently priced areas ranging from slummy to the outrageously expensive. What you would be looking for is a compromise where the rents are affordable, the commute is easy and the crime levels are low. Do a brief research online using the freely available map tools from authorities.

Ask for referrals

Unless you are very new in London, you will have some friends in the city. You can get good recommendations from those who have been in the same spot before.  You can also use your Facebook or Twitter to ask around.

Be flexible

It is very likely that you will come across an offer that is close to what you are looking for, but not in the area that you want.  Be flexible. It is highly unlikely that you will have the perfect place.

Use the web a lot

The internet is your best friend when searching for a place to rent. There are several good options that list thousands of properties in London such as Room Hunters. If you are looking for Double Rooms to Rent London in a shared flat, you could try Spare room or Move flat. More listings will be found on Gumtree, Find a property, Right move and Prime location.

Some of these sites search real estate agent listings, so you should be prepared to shell out some agency fees. In any case, do not commit any funds before you view the rooms.

Avoid scams

There are plenty of dodgy offers on these sites. If you think an offer is too good to be true, it probably is. If it is not an outright scam where you will be asked to send money to unseen people for unseen property, look out for hidden charges. Many of the offers in low rents do not include bills and council taxes.

Get your clarifications

Top of the issues you should be clear on is the deposit. How much is it and how fast would you get it in the event you change your mind, or want to move out fast? Read the tenancy agreement and understand it well to avoid unexpected liabilities.